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Terms and Conditions

The Rules of the “Cinque Terre Gateway” Facility in La Spezia (SP) are in place to ensure a consistent, orderly, serene, and peaceful use for everyone. It is a contractual agreement between “Cinque Terre Gateway” and its Guests and, thus any request to stay at the Facility and its acceptance by “Cinque Terre Gateway” implies full acceptance of these Rules. Failure to comply with the Rules and any additional provisions put in place by the Management will result in the removal of the offender from the Facility and that event shall be reported to all national and international tourism organisations, as well as the Public Authorities in cases where said non-compliance involves a crime. Behaviour, regardless of age, is considered contractually relevant and therefore any infringement of these Rules, the common rules of civil coexistence or the smooth running of the Facility will result in the immediate termination of the contract, based on the judgment made contractually by the Management, whose decision is final, and the Guest will be asked to leave the Facility within 2 hours of contesting the facts. In this case, the Facility Management is entitled to retain any sums already paid and may demand the payment of any outstanding sums, even by way of damages, subject to the right to claim any additional damages ascertained.

Check-in: rooms will be available from 3.00PM (GMT+1) until 7.30PM (GMT+1), unless otherwise agreed. We recommend that you communicate your expected arrival time well in advance, especially if arrival is outside normal reception hours. If you are unable to respect reception times due to unforeseen circumstances, please call our phone number to make special arrangements. Remember that there is not a reception service available 24h, so please call us to communicate your expected time arrival at least 24 hours before. Arrival without having contacted us beforehand may result in waiting times that cannot be grounds for complaint or refund. All late arrival requests are subject to confirmation by the Facility. This information can be noted in the Comments box when booking, or by contacting the Facility directly using the contact information on the booking confirmation. Check-in after hours is in no way guaranteed and the Management reserves the right to apply a fee of € 75.00 where deemed necessary. Guests must provide a valid credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD or AMEX) at check-in as a guarantee. We do not accept Postepay or prepaid cards.

Check-out: rooms must be vacated by 10AM (GMT+1), unless otherwise agreed, to allow room service. There will be an extra charge in case of failure to comply with the check-out rules. No luggage may be left in our custody on the day of departure. The keys and / or magnetic card shall be given to the Guest at check-in and must be returned when checking out or left in the drop box where there are no staff members at reception. Kindly note that in the event of non-return of keys and/or the magnetic card at the time of check-out, or if they are not left in the designated box for self check-out, a fee of €25 will be charged for each unreturned key or magnetic card. This measure is intended to cover replacement costs and ensure the security of the accommodation. 

Room service: is done every morning between 10AM and 2.30PM. Guests are kindly asked to leave their room for this period, otherwise cleaning and the replacement of towels will not be possible. Clean sheets will be provided on arrival and changed every 3 days thereafter during your stay; you can have your bed linen changed sooner upon request (for a fee of € 8.00). Flush only toilet paper in toilets. Please use the waste bin provided in the bathroom for any sanitary towels, food, or any other items. A customer laundry service is not available.

Breakfast: is served each morning from 7:30 AM to 10 AM in the bar just outside the building. Guests will receive a ticket indicating the name and location of the bar where Guests should go. The ticket allows you to enjoy an Italian breakfast. (Brioche & Coffee / Cappuccino or Focaccia and Fruit Juice). You can enjoy the Deluxe Breakfast Buffet for an extra fee payable per room.

For the purposes of hygiene and food safety, it is strictly forbidden for Guests to have any food or beverages in the room unless otherwise authorised by the Facility Management.

Parking: The Facility has some private parking spaces for a fee. Availability is limited and must be requested and confirmed when booking. The parking fee varies depending on the season, the room type, and the length of stay. Alternative options are:
– Private parking available at a nearby location (charges apply).
– Public parking available at a nearby location. Reservation is not possible and charges may apply.

Reservations and Payments: Accommodation must be paid by Guests for all nights stayed at check-in, and any extras will be settled on departure. The balance can be paid by credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD or AMEX) or cash for a maximum amount of € 2,999.99. WE DO NOT GIVE CREDIT. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHEQUES. Discounts and benefits are valid only for direct bookings. We accept telephone bookings, which must be confirmed by e-mail and payment should be made via bank transfer or cash within 48 hours, otherwise the booking will be void; the balance is due at check-in; in case of withdrawal within seven days of the arrival date, the deposit will be returned in full, only withholding bank charges, if any. Payment of the deposit is considered as the Guest’s acceptance of what has been agreed via personnel, telephone, e-mail, post, or other means of correspondence. In case of no show or cancellation less than seven days before arrival, the deposit will not be refunded and the full booking amount will be charged; reduction of stay or early departures will be charged in full; the full amount agreed beforehand will be charged even if the number of persons is less than booked; if the room booked is not available for reasons of force majeure, the Management reserves the right to assign another room with the same characteristics. The management reserves the right not to apply the prices listed at certain times of the year, prior to agreement with the Guest. Cancellation and prepayment policies may vary depending on the type of booking request.

As per Italian law, Guests must provide a suitable document to certify their identity, with an ID card or passport for all occupants, otherwise the operator must refuse hospitality (Art. 109 of Public Safety laws as amended by Article 7 paragraph 2 of Law 203/95). The manager will also present every customer checking in with a board statement of generalities that must be completed and signed (Public Safety law as amended by Article 74 n°4 of Law 203/95).

Minimum age to rent a room: 18 years. Children under 4 years can stay free of charge in the cot or crib. A fee of € 15 will be charged for children between 4 and 12 years per night per person. The maximum number of extra beds / cots is 1. Supplements are not included in the total and must be paid separately during the stay. Any type of extra bed or cot is available on request and is subject to confirmation by the facility.

Minors not accompanied by parents or a responsible adult must present a photocopy of their parents’ ID with a signed authorisation in free form.

For hygienic reasons and for any allergies suffered by other Guests, pets are not allowed.

The welcome point is at our Facility, unless otherwise agreed. The geographical information and directions on how to get to the facility are provided on the website or will be provided directly by us if requested, after confirmation of booking.

Each room can only be occupied by the number of people indicated for that specific accommodation unit unless the Guest has made a request to add another bed (always to be approved). Extra-person charges may apply and vary depending on property policy.

Guests may not host other people in their room or common areas at any time for reasons of public security.

All the following are strictly forbidden in rooms: smoking, use of drugs, fires or use any kind of stove, speaking loudly, shouting, banging doors or windows, connection to the electrical mains of any appliance or sound system (except electric razors, phone and / or computer chargers), allowing children to wander around the various rooms. It is also forbidden to store miscellaneous items like umbrellas, loungers, buggies, canoes, or lifebelts in the shared hallways, landings and in the building courtyard.

Access to the Facility is possible at any time. All the Guests are required to respect the time slots 10PM to 8AM and between 2PM and 4PM, which are considered as rest hours. All Guests are also required to behave like educated and civilised people, avoiding disturbance and harassment of persons or property within the Facility. We also ask Guests not to create disturbance outside the building gate, in the entrance hall or in the courtyard.

We also ask that you close the door and check that the windows are closed when leaving the room to prevent theft of any valuables from the rooms and to ensure adequate cooling by the air conditioning or heating system.

An Internet Point is located at the Facility entrance. Use of this service is limited to a maximum period of 15 minutes. Once this period has elapsed, the user must allow use of the Internet Point to another Guest or leave the station free for at least five minutes to ensure availability to other Guests.

The Guest agrees to respect the Facility and the things in it. Any damage caused deliberately to the Facility, or attributable to incompetence or inattention will be charged at the cost of restoration. Each guest is required to indemnify any damage caused to furniture or to any additional equipment provided at the Facility. In case of loss of access keys (or magnetic cards) or the air conditioning or TV remote control, the Guest will be charged a penalty of € 75.00. No liability is assumed for the loss, theft, or damage to objects of your property left unattended in the building.

All guests are required to comply our Terms and Conditions, a copy this document is located in each room as well as published and It is available on the official website . The rooms Price list is drawn up each year, published and available on our website as part of the Regulation. The Management gets the right to modify these rules for reasons of opportunities and operation of services by posting the changes at the Reception and updating its website. Our staff is at your disposal for every need, in order to make staying as pleasant as possible.

Prices include: – Italian breakfast – daily room cleaning – daily change of towels left on the floor – for longer stays, linen change every three days – heating / air conditioning – use of common areas and Internet Point/WiFi.

Minibar: soft drinks and snacks in the minibar are not free. A price list is displayed in each room and must paid before departure by communicating to our staff what has been consumed. The minibar key will be provided at check-in. Once the Guest receives the key, the contents of the minibar as stated by the manager should be checked and confirmed. Failure to notify anything to the contrary implies confirmation of the contents of the minibar. Where a Guest inaccurately communicates the consumption of snacks or beverages, the Guest immediately authorises the debit of the amount due from the credit card provided as a guarantee upon booking or check-in. Use of the minibar to store other products and / or drinks is forbidden. The removal of any product, even temporarily, implies the immediate charge.
The alcoholic beverages provided in the minibar are intended only for use by persons of legal age to consume alcoholic beverages.

WIFI: this Facility provides free Wi-Fi. Use of this network is linked to conditions of use, which are applicable to all network users. Use of the network means users accept the following terms.
The network may not be used: – to disseminate, consult and / or download spam, viruses, or illegal software. – To access and / or allow third party access to networks, computers, information, or devices whose use is not permitted to the public. – For illegal, threatening, abusive, intimidation, fraudulent, illegal, and / or defamatory practices. – Use of the network must never conflict with national laws and regulations. – Transfer of information (including e-mail) within the network is not protected and may be subject to loss, interception and / or changes to the information. Users are advised to use an anti-virus program and a firewall. Users may also want to use a VPN connection when necessary to send confidential or sensitive data or information that requires connection to a corporate network. – Use of the network is at the Users own risk. The network provider is not liable for damages of any kind resulting from use of the network. – The service provider reserves the right to revoke access to the network for users who do not respect the terms of use and to exclude them from the network. Furthermore, the user is responsible for all damages caused to the service provider caused by disregard of the terms and conditions.

Tourism tax: From 1st March 2012, the Province of La Spezia has established a tourism tax by City Council Resolution No. 7 of 15th February 2012. The tax is applied to overnight stays of non-residents in the Province of La Spezia for a maximum of 5 consecutive nights. The tourism tax rate for our Facility is € 2.50 per person per night. The following are classed as exemptions:
– Children up to the age of sixteen years old;
– Those who care for patients admitted to health facilities located in the Province, including one carer per patient (two carers for minors);
– Coach drivers and tour guides assisting groups organised by travel and tourism agencies with at least twenty-five participants. The exemption applies to every coach driver and one tour guide per twenty-five participants;
– Employees of hotel chains who stay as free guests at accommodation facilities in the Province of La Spezia, only in cases where they are carrying out their job roles;
– Students with an internship relationship with hotel chains staying as free guests at accommodation facilities in the Province of La Spezia;
– Students enrolled in the Marconi University of the City of La Spezia limited to an overnight stay the day before an examination;

All guests are required to comply with the Internal Rules of our Facility. A copy of these Rules is kept at the Information Point in each room and is also published and freely available at the Facility’s official website: The updated price list is published and freely available on the hotel’s website and is available to every guest. It is an integral and essential part of the Rules. The Facility Management reserves the right to modify these Rules for reasons of opportunities and operation of services and shall post any changes on the Facility reception and official website.

Our staff is available to Guests for every need to make your stay as pleasant as possible.