The railway station of La Spezia is a strategic hub for the National Park of Cinque Terre visitors. The beautiful villages are difficult to reach by car, due to lack of parking. By that, more and more there is a tendency to stay in La Spezia to move easily with a better logistic. In fact, the train has become the main means of transport, with frequency in either direction every 30/45 minutes depending on the time and season, with a distance between each village of few minutes. Faster and direct trains are available from La Spezia to reach Genoa, Pisa, Lucca or Florence within one hour. For train schedules and more information visit the website


The Cinque Terre can be visited on foot along the beautiful trails that connect them, or by train, taking advantage of the benefits it brings. Especially for those who love the sea there is also the ability to move by ferry, which undoubtedly offers unforgettable sights and unique sensations. The ferry line are managed by the “Consorzio Marittimo Turistico 5 Terre Golfo dei Poeti” which offers many possibilities with regard to timetables, routes and stops. The Consortium has numerous boats of different sizes to transport passengers departing from La Spezia, Lerici , Portovenere and Palmaria Island with connections to the Cinque Terre and other places in the eastern coast as Levanto, Bonassola, Deiva Marina, Moneglia, Portofino. To be noticed, the service may be interrupted or discontinued at any time if weather and sea conditions are not favorable. For additional information about times and costs visit the website


Every village of the Cinque Terre can be reached by road access, however, the roads are steep, very narrow and with many curves. Also there are severe problems of parking and all villages are closed to traffic. We recommend to leave the car in La Spezia and move with the train. However, if you plan to arrive by car (car rental is available at Hertz, Sixt, Avis) here are some pointers:

– Riomaggiore, Manarola: arrived in La Spezia, continue along the Cinque Terre coast road SS 370, always following the signals, the road is easy and very panoramic (in fact you can do a lot of good pictures riviera from above), after 15 km you arrive to Riomaggiore and then Manarola (18 km).

– Corniglia: 25 km from La Spezia. A few meters after the third tunnel on S.S. N°370 you will see signals for Corniglia Vernazza right uphill. Now the road becomes steep, not extensive as previously and with many curves. You’ll have to pass the towns of Groppo and Volastra and after 7 km you will reach the junction to Corniglia and Vernazza to the left downhill. Drive carefully this stretch because the road is very steep and very narrow. Head left at the intersection at San Bernardino and reach Corniglia after 4 km road still very tight.

– Vernazza: same instructions for Corniglia (see above); last intersection at S. Bernardino turn right. We do not recommend to visit Corniglia and Vernazza by car. The two villages are isolated, the road is very narrow and parking is very difficult.

– Monterosso: 35 Km from La Spezia. Follow the signs to Corniglia (see above) but instead of turning left to proceed on the main road; about 9 km after the junction to Corniglia-Vernazza need to turn left (Monterosso well indicated), pass next to Santurio Soviore where there is also a refreshment point, and turn left again at the last intersection towards Monterosso. For reach Monterosso in any case recommend an alternate route using the highway exit “Carrodano” on the A12 highway Genoa-Livorno.

Be sure to follow the signs to Levanto. At the end of the first descent you will reach the town of Levanto, proceed to the center turn right and then left towards Monterosso. Some kilometers climb and you will see signs for Monterosso just after exiting a tunnel.

CAUTION: on all roads in the National Park of Cinque Terre NO petrol stations are available.


Much of success of The Cinque Terre is due to the network of paths and trails, all offering breathtaking views.
They are covering, like a spider web overlooking the sea, the side of the mountain range. For centuries only means of access not only between the five villages, but also with hinterland, these paths are today one of the best way to know and appreciate the Cinque Terre. Today the network which extends for over 120 kilometers allows you to appreciate and visit throughout the country, through paths of the various types. The three main paths, all easily practicable with a minimum of training and appropriate clothing, well marked by the CAI section of La Spezia with a white/red marker. The first is the path number 1, which runs along the ridge separates the coast from the Val di Vara. The second is the path that connects the Sanctuaries, halfway up, the places of worship of their respective villages. The third is the path number 2, better known as the Blue Trail, linking together the five boroughs. Notice: moving on the paths of the National Park must always be done in good climatic weather conditions, with footwear and adapted by people with enough hiking practice. Inquire before choosing the path to be updated on the real viability of the trails chosen because some may be closed due to landslides. To see the trail map and more information visit the website

To download the trail maps indicating the number of the path, difficulty and length of the route click here.



Common institutions and law enforcement: phone numbers and addresses
APT – Viale Mazzini – tel: 0187 770900
Capitaneria di Porto – Largo Fiorillo, 2 – tel. 0187 258101
Carabinieri – Via Ugo Foscolo, 130 – tel. 0187 503130
Comune La Spezia – Piazza Europa, 1 – tel. 0187 7271
Polizia municipale – Via Lamarmora, 18 – tel: 0187 7261
Polizia Stradale – Viale Nazario Sauro, 1 – tel: 0187 749112
Vigili del fuoco – Via Antoniana, 20 – tel: 0187 422474 / 0187 598911
Vigili del fuoco – Via Valdilocchi – tel: 0187 598901
Vigili del fuoco – Località Molo Garibaldi – tel: 0187 501610

Autonoleggi, stazione e taxi: numeri di telefono e indirizzi
Autonoleggio Avis – Via Rosselli, 74 – tel: 0187 770270
Autonoleggio Car Server – Via Della Concia, 1 – tel: 0187 599530
Autonoleggio Europcar – Viale San Bartolomeo, 515 – tel: 0187 590247
Autonoleggio Ferdani – Via Lunigiana, 203 – tel: 0187 507193
Autonoleggio Gianfaldoni – Via Pitelli, 69 – tel: 0187 507050
Autonoleggio Hertz – Viale S. Bartolomeo, 389 – tel: 0187 512140
Autonoleggio Intergest – Via Della Pianta, 6 – tel: 0187 1875459
Stazione Ferrovie dello Stato – Piazza Medaglie d’Oro – tel. 0187 704477
Taxi – Viale Italia, 475 – tel: 0187 523523
Taxi – Via Diaz – tel: 0187 736127
Taxi – Via Delle Pianazze, 148 – tel: 0187 984222

Croce rossa, farmacie, guardia medica: numeri di telefono e indirizzi
Croce Rossa – Viale San Bartolomeo, 446 – tel: 0187 560205
Croce Rossa – Via Santa Caterina, 29 – tel: 0187 719010
Croce Rossa – Stradone Doria, 131 – tel: 0187 512720
Farmaceutica Spezzina – Via Del Prione, 263 – tel. 0187 737183
Farmacia Argentieri – Via Vittorio Veneto, 117 – tel. 0187 511179
Farmacia Bedini – Via Del Prione, 124 – tel. 0187 738113
Farmacia Beretta – Via Canaletto, 302 – tel. 0187 503087
Farmacia Bergero – Corso Nazionale, 33 – tel. 0187 501066
Farmacia Campodonico – Via Della Torre Bartolomeo, 20 – tel. 0187 705404
Farmacia Centrale – Corso Cavour, 105 – tel. 0187 737143
Farmacia Croce Bianca – Piazza Sant’Agostino, 13 – tel. 0187 738041
Farmacia Croce Rossa – Via Del Carmine, 2 – tel. 0187 735061
Farmacia Croce Verde – Corso Cavour, 274 – tel. 0187 714940
Farmacia Del Porto – Via Vittorio Veneto, 150 – tel. 0187 734006
Farmacia Dell’Aquila – Via Chiodo Domenico, 97 – tel. 0187 23162
Farmacia Dell’Arsenale – Via Monfalcone, 300 – tel. 0187 716856
Farmacia Della Marina – Via Buonviaggio, 149 – tel. 0187 512612
Farmacia Della Stazione – Via Fiume, 75 – tel. 0187 706147
Farmacia Di Prima – Via Genova, 178 – tel. 0187 702585
Farmacia Farina – Via Vittorio Veneto, 297 – tel. 0187 506243
Farmacia Viotti – Via Genova, 96 – tel. 0187 704211
Guardia medica – Via XXIV Maggio, 139 – tel. 0187 5331
Guardia medica – Via Giosuè Carducci – tel: 0187 50772


Starting from the 8th May 2016 is available the “Cinque Terre Card Treno” 2016 that allows unlimited train runs on the line La Spezia-Levanto (and back), in second class only on Regional trains and allows to enjoy services makes available in the Par: Footpaths and park areas (for more information about the practicabillity of footpaths call Park Infomation Office at +39.0187.762600)